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Smart Vitamin Club

Smart Vitamin Club

When we joined the affiliate program with Smart Vitamin Club the marketing person asked me if we could do a review of their product and post it on our site. I agreed. They gave me permission to purchase through our site link so that I was familiar with the process our readers would use. I took the cute little survey they wanted you to do at the time, that has since been eliminated. That was pretty lame. However, it took about two minutes and for a free bottle of vitamins why not. So you don’t have to worry about that now.

My guess is they are pretty new. Their site is very concise and they do not have endless pages of products like most online vitamin companies. I’m not sure if that is good or bad but I have used Puritan’s Pride in the past and they have so many options I tend to get frustrated making sure I get the best deal on the ones I want and then need to make sure I get the form of vitamin I want etc etc. So for me this was kind of a nice change. I also wasn’t tempted to buy extra things I didn’t need.

The ordering process went smoothly. They tell you upfront you have to pay .99 for shipping the free vitamins. That seemed reasonable to me. The catch of course is they want you to join their club. I paid $40 for a one year membership with a two week trial period during which you can cancel. That seemed a lot and usually isn’t my style but along with the free bottle of vitamins you also received a $25 credit to apply to your first order of $50 or more. Which I used instantly ordering the vitamins I needed. So in the end the membership didn’t seem so bad. Then with my confirmation of that order I received another $25 credit for my next order. I’m not sure if that will continue or not. Club membership gives you decent discounts up to 50% on all their vitamins and the credits balanced out the membership fee. Free shipping also comes with membership. Shipping took a few days and my charge card was not charged until the vitamins were actually in route. I called customer service one time just too make sure I could get through. No problem there. I liked what I saw and kept my membership after the trial period.

It took me a couple weeks to get around to writing this review because really what was I going to say. I am no nutritionalist. Then this morning my finger nails were kind of bugging me…sounds dumb right? And as I looked down at them I realized I had fingernails that actually needed filing. My nails are horrible. They are always splitting, paper thin and soft. I was shocked. I haven’t had nails since I was pregnant….believe me that is not the reason they are growing now. I’m pretty good about taking vitamins and I have never noticed a change in my nails before. It has been two weeks. I counted the vitamins left too be sure. I am using their Mega Health Formula and a Vitamin D. For my free bottle I ordered the Sleep Easy Formula. I won’t tell you I am sleeping through the night every night but I do feel better in the morning than I had been. A little more rested and not as stiff.

Tuesday, I tried Googleing the company. There were complaints about not getting through to customer service so I tried again. This time with no luck. I only got a busy signal. I tried for almost an hour in the middle of the day. I then emailed the company. So far no email response. Yesterday, I tried the customer service number again around 4:30 and got through on the first try. The representative spoke with me for a few moments about the problems getting through  and said he wasn’t sure why but they have people there 9-5, Monday-Friday. I questioned how to cancel a membership and was told I could cancel by phone or by email.  I have since reread the terms at the bottom of the site.  They have multiple club membership options. Some were monthly some quarterly.  So make sure you carefully read what they are before giving your credit card information.  All of them appear to have a cancel anytime policy. Some offer more benefits than others.

If you are looking for an online source of vitamins I would say give Smart Vitamin Club a try. You can click the ad in the right side bar of our site for the link to receive your free bottle of vitamins. I am certainly happy with the fact I now have fingernails and I think that is a good sign the vitamins are helping me.  I plan to use them for my next order, after all I have a membership there for a year.  I will keep you posted as I work with Smart Vitamin Club in the future.

Grandmom with Drinking Cold Coffee.